In addition to fulfilling all three medal requirements we:

1. Have created a system which aims to treat gastric ulcer and gastric cancer.

2. Designed new biobricks such as Toehold switch, Dam-Pexiganan, GadE, POTB59, Trigger RNA...

3. Successfully worked our Toehold switch-Trigger RNA system, GadE, POTB59, HNS parts. We increased the rate of mRNA level protein expression with Toehold switch-Trigger RNA system, had E. Coli more acid resistant by overexpressing GadE, and speeded up the bacteria with HNS and PotB59 parts.

4. Have created a new vector for co-transformation which named pColA.

5. Have combined pSB1C3 plasmid with T7 promoter in order to increase protein expression.

6. Mentored AUC TURKEY high school team.

7. Offered a very new approach to synthetic biology and medicne; Virtual Hospital. Designed a futuristic hospital with our new diagnosis&treatment methods in synthetic biology.Evaluated feasibility of synthetic biology on today’s and tomorrow’s medical applications.

8. Have criticized our project approach in terms of treatment management and monitoring our safety and security! Several researches have been conducted about the-state-of-art clinical practice and methods to compare the new and old features.