We consulted an expert to learn about feasibility and economical aspects of our project, contacted public with SynBio Day event and hosted a very young population at our lab. More than this, we interviewed people to learn their opinions on gastric cancer and ulcer. These features helped us to spread the idea of our project and synthetic biology, also foresee the future of our project.

In addition to all of this, we offered a very new approach in order to place synthetic biology into medical applications: Virtual Hospital is created in order to show present synthetic biology solutions can be applied into our lives in future. we designed a platform to give examples of these ideas and asked other teams to join us. this couraged our team and other teams to make projects more futuristically. hopefully this novel approach makes us a candidate to win best human practices award.

In that day, we also had a chance to make a webinar with Cihan Taştan, who helped us to start ATOMS and AUC iGEM teams couple years ago. He told us about team-building adventures.