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SynBio Day

SynBio day was held for informing Turkish students about Synthetic Biology. We invited university students who are interested in synthetic biology. 4 teams attended this event totally; ATOMS Türkiye, AUC Turkey, METU and METU HS. Each team presented their 2015 projects and we opened the floor to questions to have a discussion. We discussed insufficiencies in our projects and gave advices each other about fixing them. Besides, Turkey’s first synthetic biology company SENTEGEN’s CEO Burak Yılmaz made a presentation about R&D studies and some new approaches for developing synthetic biology in Turkey. We thank to Burak Yılmaz for enlightening us.

In that day, we also had a chance to make a webinar with Cihan Taştan, who helped us to start ATOMS and AUC iGEM teams couple years ago. He told us about team-building adventures. He also gave some tips about how to be a real team and what to do in project finding&experiments process. For some of us, it was first time attending a webinar, so this was a memorable experience. We thank especially Cihan Taştan for his support and making this possible.

We hope this event was helpful for our guests to find out what iGEM and Synthetic Biology is. The event helped us getting to know about other teams’ members and socialize in this mini iGEM community. We wanna thank to AUC Turkey, METU and METU HS iGEM teams and our other guests for participating.