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Future Plan

In our project, we have expected to resolve gastric ulcer disease and gastric cancer. We have told that the virulence of pathogenic bacteria Helicobacter pylori occurs gastric ulcer. Also we have told Gastric cancer is the uncontrolled cell division and cumulative results of genetic mutations in this region. We have aimed in our project eradication with Acid resistance, flagella expedite, chemotaxis to h.pylori with sensing Al2 and NH3, DAMP-Pexiganan produce and Pexiganan activator TEV Protease features(modifications) added E.coli. In our gastric cancer module we have expected hBAX apoptotic protein production in cancer cells within sensing excessive increased and decreased microRNA levels ,if we compare with normal cells, and matching right cancer situation profile with our genetic circuit detection system. So our expectation was create the target-driven chemotherapy treatment that do not damaging normal cells and kill target cancer cells efficiency. In case of these, in these methods performing synthetic biology have a substantial role. But we can not ignore present's some problems beside that situation. Some of these are gene therapy's level of security, deprivation of medication etc. In addition to these problems there are some necessaries what support we have to do this, if we set an exemple; At the present, tetra-medication method is using for ulcer treatment. And these four drugs' three of them are antibiotics to kill helicobacter pylori. But in the future antibiotic resistance may develop in h.pylori to these antibiotics. Consequently tetra-medication method usebility may be hard at the future. Unfortunately, about cancer there are not any advenced clear treatment at the present. So that at the future time we will benefit from synthetic biology without pass by safety and ethic problems for eleminating these all of the problems. Nowadays we expect our developed treatment methods will rank as modern treatment methods if we do not encounter a problem. Our treatment will be done with three stages;

1)Diagnosis and recognition People who have gastric diseases will diagnose with routin ways or more sensitive effective ways which may discover at the future. After the diagnosis of cancer or stomach ulcer in patients our treatment methods will performed. Our curative E.coli will given in a capsule as like a drug. Or our genetic circuit will given in liposomes or exosomes by intraveneous way.

2)Monitoring treatment developing Inferentially one week later from our treatments' using. Patients' recovery amount will detect with a contol testing like stomach screening. To redetermine treatment dosage and treatment's continue or not this part is necessary. Especially for cancer module this part is very important. Because treatment length will change within these treatment screening and monitoring.

3)Being finished of treatment Treatment will be terminated if it is complately heal would detect after the controlls at regular intervals to the patient. But before leaving the patient's treatment use, you must go to the doctor for a final time check whether to learn are there is any risk factor beside. After this phase we will conclude that the patient is now healed. Also at the future ethics also can be encountered any problems in areas such as like as safety subjects. In this case, used treatment may have to be revised again according to the conditions of time.