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Interlab Study

We have made The Measurement Interlab Study which was requested from iGEM this year. We are really glad being in this study which the teams ,all of around the world , would take part . As it is summarized on the iGEM Measurement Study page, participating team like us , must fulfill these requirements which below.

1. Designing a wiki page about the contribution and the achievements of study.
2. Constructing the particular BioBricks defined clearly on the page. (The results are shown below.)
3. Collecting fluorescence data from each of these parts. (The results are sent to iGEM HQ and also shown below.)
4. Submitting these data through Interlab Study form

The devices that we use and built-up are here.
Existing Steps:BBa_I13504(B0034-E0040-B0010-B0012) in PSB1A2 backbone.
1.New device requisted from iGEM: J23101 + I13504 (B0034-E0040-B0015), must be built in the pSB1C3 backbone
2. .New device requisted from iGEM: J23106 + I13504 (B0034-E0040-B0015), must be built in the pSB1C3 backbone
3.New device requisted from iGEM: J23117 + I13504 (B0034-E0040-B0015), must be built in the pSB1C3 backbone
Therefore we worked through the iGEM’s proposal and we watched these steps.
1) We took the BBa_J23101, BBa_J23106 , BBa_J23117 and also BBa_I13504 genes from Kit Plates .
2)For cloning process we chose E.Coli BL21 and prepared competent cells .
3)We ligated our promoters(BBa_J23101, BBa_j23106 and BBa_J23117) with our existing device(BBa_I13504) and we succeed it.
4)We transformed our parts [BBa_J23101+BBa_I13504, BBa_J23106+BBa_I13504 and BBa_J23117+BBa_I13504] into the competent cells and growth them in solid culture and liquid culture successively.
5)After the cloning part, we measured the protein which were produced by our bacterias , values in different emission and excitation values. At 510 nanometer emission and 483 nanometer excitation value, the protein concentrations are measured as follows:

Protein Concentration Values

Unfortunately we have lost the graphs which shown protein levels, so we really upset about it. But we are grateful to Measurement HQ for their understanding.