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As there is a resistance developing against H. Pylori, we aimed to eradicate it with synthetic biology. Meet Wile E. Coli! He had some modifications to cure ulcer, the ulcer made by Helico Runner(beep-beep!)

Here are our project’s parts in a little fast tour!

Are you ready to learn the journey of Wile E. Coli and Helico Runner? Then change the frames with mouse or up and down keys!

1 Resistance

At first, it will be acid resistant, to survive in stomach’s acidic microenvironment!

2 Repellency

Secondly, as Wile E. coli needed to find its way properly, he now has a part for targeting Helico Runner; chemotaxis part!

3 Motility

Thirdly, we had to make sure Wile E. Coli reached to Helico Runner, so now it can penetrate into the mucos layer with its faster flagellas!

4 Sensing

The fourth part And gate, is designed to make Wile E. Coli sensing Helico Runner. Look! It’s not chasing the fake Helico Runner anymore!

5 Killing

Thanks to our fifth part, Wile E. Coli can destroy Helico Runner with the antimicrobial peptide Pexiganan. Revenge time!


Oh wait, what if gastric ulcer causes gastric cancer? How will we open this cancer door to reach and cure it?

miRNA Switch

Here is the solution; miRNA switch! Mr. exosome has a key to open the door now. Just like key matches the lock, if miRNAs match the switch we can target cancer more specifically now!


- The End -