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Materials Required

  • DC - Geared Motor[1]
  • Neodymium magnets[2]
  • Transistor IRLIZ44N[3]
  • custom made 3D Structure
  • Diode

Aachen DCMotor.jpg
Geared DC Motor

DC - Geared Motor

The DC Geared Motor we use is a combination of 4:4:1 gears and a brushed DC motor. The motor is cylindrical, with a diameter just under 25 mm, D shaped output shaft which is 4 mm in diameter and extends 12.5 mm from the face plate of the gear box. This motor unit weighing 95 g, has a speed of 1400 RPM and 150 mA Current rating at 6V.

Aachen StructureAndMagnet.png
3D Structure with magnets


Magnets and 3D structure

Neodymium cubic supermagnets of size 5 mm are fitted into a 3D structure on the motor, to create a magnetic field for the fish inside the bioreactor. The 3D structure is a platform to be fitted on the DC motor, having cubical holes to fit the magnets in.

Aachen DC Transistor.jpg
Geared DC Motor

Transistor IRLIZ44N

It is a single pulse avalanche rated MOSFET in an isolated package. It has a continuous Drain current of maximum 30 A and Drain to Source maximum withstandable voltage of 16V.



The circuit uses a Transistor and a Diode to control the RPM value using a PWM pin from Arduino.

Aachen StirrerCircuit.png
Circuit Diagram for Stirrer Control

Assembly Video

Steps to build your own stirrer and its circuit


The files for the 3D structure can be found here :

The files for the Debug program can eb found here :