Our labteam worked relentlessly for 4 months to achieve our ambitious goals. The focus was first on our practice project which ended up taking a lot more time than we had planned for, but since our sequence orders also took longer than expected we didn’t mind the practice. The PCR machine became our best friend in July, as we started constructing our plasmids. Our team braved through many wetlab obstacles and found energy to try everything just one more time to see if it’d work. We may not have been able to accomplish everything we planned in the wetlab, but we still got far in those short four months.

Lab Book

Look through our visual weekly lab book to get an overview of what all was done in our lab from May 19th to September 17th. You can also read our daily lab notes for more insight. Our lab book follows each and every day of our lab teams work in detail.


All of our protocols are available for you to read. We followed these carefully to make sure our experiments would be successful and repeatable. The protocols are modifications of OpenWetware protocols, some were given to us by researchers and some were made by our team, based on kit protocols, research articles and outside help.


Read about our lab safety to learn more about our lab work, and the safety measures that we took into account. Our lab team used protective labcoats and gloves at all times and encourages anyone working in a lab to do the same. We also studied safety concerns related to our project design.

Practice Project

Our practice project is also included in our Lab Book, but to understand what it was all about, take a look at our Practice Project page. We set out to test the protein production rate of three ribosomal binding sites of different strengths that we could find readily in the distribution kit.