Chew fight


What we did for others

During the summer, we collaborated with other teams.

- The first exchange was with the UI_Indonesian Team. We sent to them our survey and they went to Indonesian streets to ask people about chewing gum and synthetic biology. We also did their survey. Ho a wild wiki appear!!!

- Our team participated to the “Meetup France”. In addition to our team, five IGEM teams went to Bordeaux: Paris Saclay, Paris Pasteur, Toulouse, EPFL from Switzerland and KU Leuven from Belgium. This meetup was organized by the team of Bordeaux. Catch them here!!

We participated at several activities:

A discussion about biosafety organized by the iGEM team from Paris Saclay. They suggested us to expose our biosafety methods.

A debate concerning plastic pollution organized by the iGEM team from Paris Pasteur.

- We initiated collaboration with a team from Brasil: the Brasil-USP. They worked on a similar project: the degradation of tyre (made of latex). We planned to exchange with them. In details, we wanted to test their enzyme on our polymers, which are their raw materials, and they did our enzymatic modelling. Unfortunately both teams had problems with enzyme purification. So bad luck, our collaboration did not work! There is a little wiki hiding right here!

- We also participated to the newsletter done by the Amoy iGEM team from China Here are our Chinese friends!

Here a group picture of the France meetup

What others did for us

We've set up a survey competition between all IGEM teams. According to the number of completed surveys, we've awarded medals:
  • - between 5 to 15 surveys, a bronze medal
  • - between 15 to 30 surveys, a silver medal
  • - more than 30 surveys, a gold medal!

Survey results

List of all IGEM teams which participated to our survey.
And now let's see the winners!!!
They get bronze medals, they are not the best but they did a really good job:

They get silver medals, they did a really great job but not enough to be the best:

And finally our winners!
They get the gold medal by doing more than 30 surveys. Awesome!!!

Our team thanks all participating teams and we congratulate all winners!!
See you in Boston!!!


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Chew figth project, for the iGEM competition. See you soon in Boston !