Chew fight


Gaël Chambonnier

Hi everyone, my name is Gaël, I'm a PhD Candidate in Marseille at the LISM. Before moving to Marseille I did my studies in Lyon where I discovered the iGEM competition and the fun around it, taking part in 3 consecutive teams. So when I came in Marseille and I was asked to be part of the new iGEM Team Aix-Marseille I just couldn't say no, neither could I this year when I saw motivated students willing to take part in this great adventure. Furthermore I'm very pleased to be able to try to share my experience and the iGEM spirit. Yes, I'm definitly hooked up!! But this is just FUN after all!! #SynBio #iGEM

Romain Clément

Hi, my name is Romain Clément, I’m second year PhD student in “Bioénergétique et Ingénierie des Protéines” laboratory in Marseille (France). I’m working on carbon concentrating mechanism in diatoms, a class of microalgae. I’m a supervisor of iGEM Marseille team and I help students on enzymology part of their work. I like nature, hiking, garden, carnivorous plant and science too! I participate to the iGEM competition to discover the biosynthetic biology world. I give my help in my competence domains to this student team that have an interesting subject on chewing gum pollution.

James Sturgis

Hi everyone, I am a Professor of Biochemistry and laboratory director in Marseille. I recently created a synthetic biology course at the university and so was very keen to help our team turn theory into practice by participating in the iGEM, and to find out how synthetic biology can change the way we use biology. When I am not teaching student or doing research, I enjoy hiking and music.

Laureen Logger

I am a third year PhD candidate in microbiology. I study the assembly of the bacterial Type VI secretion system in the pathogenic strain of Escherichia coli (EAEC). I heard of the IGEM competition last year and I was impressed how science can be done by students through their creativity and their motivation. So I have decided to be an instructor of the 2015 AMU team. I think this competition is a challenging and rewarding experience for both students and instructors! Outside the lab, I love travelling and hiking among many other things!

Valérie Prima

Hi, my name is Valérie Prima, I've been working as an engineer in James Sturgis Laboratory « Laboratoire des Systèmes macromoléculaires » in Marseille (France) since 15 years. I'm studying the photosystem of purple bacteria, using molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysic technics. I'm very proud to participate to the IGEM contest this year as an instructor, First because I love teaching my knowledge and second because I think it's a unique human adventure. This year the team of Marseille was very motivated, they worked very hard during all the summer to achieve the experiments. I think they gave the best and I hope they will win the gold medal.


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Chew figth project, for the iGEM competition. See you soon in Boston !