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Axel Levier

Hello everybody, I am Axel Levier, a student in engineering school at Polytech Marseille in the field of bioengineering and biotechnology. I am a highly motivated student, passionate about the technology development, particularly in the field of gene therapy and cell therapy. That is why I wanted to take part of this wonderful adventure of iGEM. I am one of the manager of the iGEM's team. My mission was to find partnerships and grants to provide to our team the funding necessary in order to carry out our experiments. I also helped my team with the interlab study and cloning for the project

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Camille Houy

Hello everybody! My name is Camille Houy and I am in the last year of engineering school in Marseille. I am especially studying biology and biotechnology. I decided to participate to iGEM competition because it is a really exciting experience. It is a great opportunity to create and develop our own project and try to make it real! I also loved this experience because I met a lot of friends as passionate of science as me. During this summer in the lab, I was one of the team leader and I played a role in promoting the progress of the project and scheduling the experimentations.

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Simon Arias

Hi everyone ! I'm Simon, 22 years old. I'm studying Bioengineering at Polytech Marseille (Aix-Marseille Université). The other team members will tell you : I'm a bit (too) talkative! I try to always keep smile even if I must admit it wasn’t easy this summer ... The manipulations: it's not my thing! I prefer to manage records: budget, partnerships, beyond the bench, etc. What else? I love the food! I hope our American hosts are ready because I’m really planning take advantage to the buffet ...

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Laure Linet

Hi! I’m Laure, like a huge part of the team, i'm a student in fifth year of a bioengineering school in Polytech Marseille. I love biology especially veterinary pharmaceutical. iGEM concept is really attractive because it allow to meet teams which come from all over the world. I hope to gain from sharing ideas and experience with other members of iGEM. I enjoy going out with friends and make shopping ! I look forward to seeing all of you at Boston !

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Myriam Choukour

Hello! I’m Myriam and I study biotechnology at Polytech Marseille. I am happy to have the chance to be part of Aix-Marseille University team. During the summer I participated in the experiments. Despite problems and obstacles we encountered it was an enriching and unforgettable experience that allows me to discover synthetic biology. And I can’t wait to meet you all during the Jamboree.

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Marion Aruanno

Hi! My name is Marion, I’m a student at Aix-Marseille Université where I’m studiying Microbiology and Biotechnology. I heard about synthetic biology and the iGEM competition by a friend of mine who told me he wanted to participate this year. So I follow him in this adventure. For me, this competition is an opportunity for meeting people, discovering others cultures, others projects and I could not miss that. I had the idea of our project by walking on a chewing gum and I was very happy that the other members were excited to work on it. Then the team became my second family, the lab my second house but I do not regret anything!

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Yoann Chabert

Hi! My name is Yoann, I’m studying Biochemistry at Aix-Marseille Université. I never heard about the iGEM competition until my girlfriend was on the team this year. She asked me to join her but at this time I was not really interested. But she was so obsessed with the competition and she was always talking about it. Then, one day, I asked the team if I could join them even if it was already May. Everyone was very nice to me and told me YES! Now, I can say that it’s a really good experience and I really enjoyed it.

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Ella De Gaulejac

Hello! I am Ella, a master student from AgroParisTech, Paris Institute of technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences. I love the concept of iGEM, it allows us to concretely apply the techniques we are learning on topics that matters to us, such as environmental matters. I am very interested in linking biology with other disciplines, art for example. It has been a great experience to be part of the AMU team this year. Outside the lab, i love sailing!

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Daniel Calendini

Hello, my name is Daniel Calendini and i'm a undergraduate student in neurosciences and i was very interested by iGEM even if it isn't my speciality. I learned a lot of things during this summer and tried to help as much as possible. I'm glad to get the chance to participate in this team. I wasn't in charge for something precise, i tried to get involved in as much tasks as possible and it was quite hard.

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Sébastien Nin

Hi everyone, I'm Sébastien and I’m currently in first year of master in bioinformatics, structural biochemistry and genomic. I wanted to participate to the iGEM competition because synthetic biology is a very interesting field of biology. The competition allows us to create our own project by starting with nothing. I heard about synthetic biology thank to James Sturgis who is one of our supervisor and one of my teacher. He explains to our group what is synthetic biology and I decided to participate to this fascinating competition. I'm currently envisaging to participate next year but I'll be more present on computer than on workbench.

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Wilson Goma

Hi, I am Wilson, currently in the fifth year of bioinformatics at Aix-Marseille University.Hmm ... What to say about me ? Really fascinated by biology, I think that nature is the best handyman and I particularly like studying his work with computational tools and statistical methods.There are two years (a little more now) , with a friend we have discovered synthetic biology, that was really exciting and we had fun to imagine all kinds of application to save the world. We were promised us that one day we participate at the largest synthetic biology competition.That's how two years later, we are part of the iGEM family. In our team I was mainly in charge of modeling and software.

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Yassine Cherrak

I’m Yassine a student in fifth year of a bioengineering school called Polytech Marseille. Passionate about biology I’ve heard about IGEM competition 3 years ago and I always wished I participated! Now here I am! I’ve been working on the chew-fight project and I definitely loved it! Besides I also like music, traveling, partying and sport, especially football for what I’m a big fan of Olympique de Marseille!

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