Meet Our Team

We are Amoy iGEM team from Xiamen University.
This year, we have eleven new team members from different majors, two advisors and four instructors.
Team members are devided into four groups, including experiment,software,newsletter,and design.


Fang Beibei

Female 20    Major: Life science
Tel: +86 15605922159   Email:
Number 7,sailing,Tiffany blue,potatoes,donkey,Bohemia,starry night,Márquez, daydreaming, Carpe diem. She is the girl.

Gao Darui

Female 20    Major: Public Health
Tel: +86 13666095606   Email:
Interest: Travelling
Live in the moment

Liu Shibo

Female 20    Major: Chemical Biology
Tel: +86 18120778639   Email:
She is a "handsome" girl. She has strong passion in science because the mysteries of science make her excited. She likes running,swimming and tennis. She believes that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Liu Yudong

Male 20    Major: Chemical Biology
Tel: +86 13806002599   Email:
Interest: Basketball
Things about him are still mysterious.

Li Xiangning

Female 20    Major: Software Engineering
Tel: +86 15659282558   Email:
She loves drawing. She loves travelling. She loves smiling. She is looking for fun. She belives that the girl always smiling will have good luck.

Shi Lin

Male 19    Major: Chemical Engineering   Email:
He is a boy who is both clever and hard-working. He loves swimming, American drama and singing. As the NO.1 in the faculty, he always devote his time to study in the library. And His favorite saying is, “You still have lots more to work on!” Chemistry and biology are his strong subjects, that’s why he comes to iGEM.

Tian Jiayi

Female 19    Major: Clinical Medicine
Tel: +86 18120758096   Email:
She like extreme limit sport like rock climbing, mountaineering. Let’s work together and make progress together!

Wang Feng

Male 19   Major: Chemistry
Tel: +86 18759836132   Email:
He is a boy with passion. He is trying to live in the moment passionately. Chemistry is one of his favourite subjects. But in the future, he wants to become a man with all-round quality. And now, he is on the way.

Wang Minning

Female 20   Major: Chemical Biology
Tel: +86 13600935275   Email:
Interest: Swimming and drawing
Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

Zhang Renyuan

Female 20   Major: Chemical Biology
Tel: +86 13599537371   Email:
As a soprano in the chorus, she is good at communicating and cooperating with others. Yet back in the lab, she can become concentrative and conscientious. This summer, she devoted herself to the experiments and Newsletter.

Zhang Zhe

Female 20   Major: Human Resource Management
Tel: +86 18120757569   Email:
Interest: Travel, delicious food, bungee jumping and skiing
She is a bouncing girl.


Huang Jianxing

Male 21    Major: Chemistry
Tel: +86 18020766009   Email:
A Ph. D. candidate, as our Advisor, he give some advice for our team.

Jiang Wei

Male 28    Major: Chemical Biology
Tel: +86 18250877089   Email:
He is a doctoral student likes to explore new areas. You can find Wilbur Jiang on the way to the unknown. As our Advisor, he helps our experiments carried out more smoothly.


Fang Baishan

Dr. Fang is the professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. In the group of biocatalysis and biotransformation, his research mainly focuses on synthetic biology, mining and the transformation of enzyme, construction of bio-molecular machiness. He has been our advisor for several years and his advice and equipment support are also helpful this year as ever.

Wu Li'na

Dr. Wu is an associate professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering. Her research focus on the development of advanced methodologies for Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology, mainly include: micro- organism detection, molecular and cellular biology and new methods for protein-protein interaction quantification. She give us suggestions on our BrainStorm, Design, Experience and Presentation. Thanks to Dr. Wu's continuous help and we can make our project better.

Chaoyong James Yang

Dr. Chaoyong James Yang is a professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. His research focuses on microfluidics, molecular recognitions, DNA self-assembly and early diagnosis of cancer. As our amiable old friend, we are lucky to have his kind support.

Wang Dai

Dr. Wang Dai is an associate professor in School of Public Health. He provided us with equipment for microfluidic experiments.He is a lovely associate professor of character, always adored by students for his special ideas. He added some creativity and great foresight to our team, which helped us a lot.




Address: Xiamen University, No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, P.R.China 361005