Fund and Facility

Our work was financially supported by Academic Affairs Office of Xiamen University. Thanks to their contentiously support to scientific training program of undergraduate.

Thanks to College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and School of Public Health for the support of facility.

Idea and Biobrick

We are grateful to Prof. Baishan Fang, Prof. Chaoyong Yang, Prof. Dai Wang, Prof. Xiaomei Yan and A. P. Lina Wu for their suggestion and support on our idea and lab work.

For some unknown reason, our BBa_B0030, BBa_B0031, BBa_B0032, BBa_B0033 and BBa_B0034 do not give a good performance. NJU-China sent us their copy and they worked well. Thanks for their help.

Our project got advice from captain of SYSU-CHINA, Dengwen Lai, and his suggestions enlighten us to think our project from a different view.


Thanks to Team Stockholm on their suggestion of