What is the Newsletter?

This year our team together with Pairs Bettencourt made 8 issues of Newsletter. Newsletter is a platform in which different teams can exchange their ideas. There are 3 special issues, consisting of how to set up and operate an iGEM team, the development of synthetic biology in different countries (and ...). The other 5 issues introduced teams’ project and updates, ethical discussion, and some interesting topics.

The meaning of the Newsletter

As we know, good communication will make various teams had continuously progress. Projects abstract showed in the Newsletter can make teams know what other teams are doing. And they can seek help from other team.

Why we need Newsletter?

Topic 1. A chance to share stories with everyone

Topic 2. A platform to show ideas and processes to the public.

Topic 3. A way to let people in synthetic biology related-area appreciate our articles.

Not only do we offer a communication platform among teams, we also interview professors and collect suggestions from teams to establish long-term relationship between teams and the organizing committee.

At the same time, we manage to connect normal teams to software teams. (Insert a picture to show the connection between wet teams and dry teams)

Teams all around the world introduce their programs, share details of experiments, ask for help, and reply to requirements from counterparts. In addition, special issue offers access to peripheral issue, such as help new teams, interviews to teams and experts, case analysis, experience in team construction and popularization of synthetic biology. We excavate the quintessence of past work as the shoulder standing on which the following teams could see further.

How we make Newsletter serve for teams?

In spite of Meetups, we have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and QQ to keep in touch with other teams in no time. In particular, we are grateful to Stockholm(a link to Stockholm here) for offering the platform called (link to Newsletter on ). Thanks to their generous help, we successfully publish our Newsletters to the public. Meanwhile, we send Newsletters as attachments to both writers and readers who we’ve contacted.

What we learn from Newsletter?

Project Update;

Problems in process;

Team management experience;

Viewpoints from experts;

Different voices of synthetic biology ethic;

Current situation and future expectations of synthetic biology around the world