Team Members

  • Sean Ross Craig (interlab study, lab work, measurements and wiki)
  • Elliott Parris (interlab study, measurements and wiki)
  • Rachel Wellman (interlab study and human practice)
  • Ariana Mirzarafie-Ahi (lab work and social media)
  • Barbara Steijl (lab work and human practice)
  • Luba Prout (lab work and management, Birkbeck iGEM team founder)

Part-time Team Members

  • Wayne Pires (Birkbeck iGEM team founder)
  • Mervyn Richardson (outreach participant)
  • Shapoor Mohamadi (outreach participant)
  • Tim Walker (policy and practice advisor)
  • Alberto Aparicio (policy and practice advisor)

With thanks to

Principal Investigators

  • Prof David Latchman (Master of Birkbeck)
  • Prof Gabriel Waksman
  • Prof Nicholas Keep
  • Prof Elena Orlova
  • Prof John Ward
  • Dr Vitor Pinheiro & everyone at the Pinheiro Lab
  • Dr Darren Nesbeth
  • Dr Jane Nicklin
  • Dr Salvador Tomas
  • Dr Sanjib Bakhta

Birkbeck/ISMB staff

  • Dr Richard Rayne (Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, Lecturer)
  • Tim Hoe (Administrator)
  • Bilkis Banu Kazi (Microbiology Lab Manager)
  • Sandra Codlin (Teaching Lab Manager)

We would also like to thank

  • Dr Jacob Beal (iGEM Foundation)
  • Dr Randy Rettberg (iGEM Foundation)

  • Yan-Kay Ho
  • Pedro Tizei
  • Robert Makin-Taylor (one of the original team members who contributed towards project idea development at the initial stages)
  • Dr Stephanie Braun Galleani
  • Maria Jose Henriquez
  • Tom Johnson
  • Roberto Chiocchio
  • Rob Stanley
  • Miriam Leon
  • Lewis Moffat
  • Chris Grant (Synthace)
  • Juanma Garcia
  • Daniel De La Torre
  • Georgia Bondy
  • Edoardo Gianni (UCL)
  • Ilya Levantis (Biohackers)
  • Alexey Tomsov (Technion iGEM Team)

  • Biohackspace, London, UK
  • Westminster University, London, UK
  • UCL iGEM Team 2015

And special thanks to these sponsors

  • Aline Glick (SnapGene)
  • Lynette Brown et al (Integrated DNA Technologies)
  • Marc Davies (NEB)
  • Rachel Speer et al (GenScript)
  • Daren Clare (SOLIS Biodyne)
  • Charlie Fuller (Life Technologies)


Below you can find each of our project's sponsors, without whom our project could not have been completed and we direct a tremendous amount of thanks to.

Please click on their logo if you wish to find out more than our brief description provides.

Birkbeck College, University of London Birkbeck, Unversity of London

ISMB Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, at University College London and Birkbeck, University of London

New England BioLabs New England BioLabs - a world leader in the production and supply of reagents for the life science industry. They have provided us with essential lab kits.

SnapGene Snapgene - a user-friendly, multi-purpose software, which provides a simple GUI for design of constructs and for cloning verification. They provided us with free temporary licenses to access their software.

IDT Integrated DNA Technologies

SOLIS BIODYNE SOLIS BIODYNE - An established Estonian reagents company specialising in HOT FIREPol DNA polymerase which is stable up to a month at room temperature. They provide free samples of all their products upon request.

GenScript GenScript

BioBasic Bio Basic Inc.

Bioline Bioline

Bioline UCL Engineering

Thistle Scientific Thistle Scientific is a leading supplier of products and services for Life Science research and diagnostics market.

Biospec Products Biospec is a leading Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory homogenizers and scientific equipment.

Biospec Products "At SENS Research Foundation, we believe that a world free of age-related disease is possible. That's why we're funding work at universities across the world and at our own Research Center in Mountain View, CA. Our research emphasizes the application of regenerative medicine to age-related disease, with the intent of repairing underlying damage to the body's tissues, cells, and molecules. Our goal is to help build the industry that will cure the diseases of aging."

Long Life Labs "As illustrated by its tagline, “Forever striving toward forever”, the operating philosophy of Long Life Labs centers on the conviction that human life is the single most valuable aspect of human life."

Life Technologies Life Technologies