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BioBrick Cloning Results

Click here to see the results from testing the constructs ORF-314, stf gene, tfa construct, P(Cat)-TetR construct, TetR-controlled tfa circuit and cI-Cro circuit.

To confirm the presence and correct size of the BioBricks we are submitting, all samples were run on an agarose gel. The constructs tested were:

  • ORF-314
  • the stf gene
  • the tfa construct
  • the P(Cat)-TetR construct
  • the TetR-controlled tfa circuit
  • the cI-Cro circuit

All samples were initially digested with two of the four standard iGEM restriction enzymes (XbaI, EcoRI, SpeI and PstI) and expected fragment sizes calculated (Fig 1a and 2a). Success of the cloning was then determined by comparing actual band sizes to the predicted values (Fig 1b and 2b).

a.  b. 

Fig 1. Comparison of predicted (a) and actual (b) band sizes on gel 1.

a.  b. 

Fig 2. Comparison of predicted (a) and actual (b) band sizes on gel 2.

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