IGEM Bordeaux 2015


All the work was done by students : wiki design , fundraising , policy and practices as all the cakes shown on social networks :) . In order to be more efficient, we decided to divide the work in little teams. We recieved however, a lot of help all throughout the year. First, we want to thank the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology for hosting us all the year and during our internships. Denis DUPUY, our supervisor who gives us many judicious advices and Jonathan MILLET who succeeded to coexist with many team members of iGEM Bordeaux during all this summer. Our team had to use several machines which not belong to our lab. That’s why we had to collaborate many times with the neighbor labs. We hope that they enjoyed our cake as gift. ;)

Team Plant

- Marie CECILLE proposed the original idea to work on Downy Mildew since the beginning of the brainstorming sessions.
- Hiba BENMOHAMED who contacted Anthony and realized the tests on plants
- Jean-Rémy BROSSIER worked on Curdlan tests , research about grapevine natural defenses and Mildew effects.
- Charlotte MAILLOT for all the researches about plant physiology and grapevines reactions .

- Michel Hernould Professor Bordeaux University, UMR 1332 Fruit Biology and Pathology INRA Bordeaux. He gave us a precious advices about plant devlopment, and allowed to the team to meet Anthony Bellee in order to test the effect of Curdlan in grapevine.
- Anthony Bellee PhD student attached to INRA , SAVE unit : "UMR 1065 Santé et agroécologie du vignoble" who helped us a lot and informed us about how Downy mildew acts on grapevines, we also visited grapevines plot at INRA. Mr Bellee hosts us at his lab, and permits to our team to realize the tests with all the needed materials.

Team E. coli

- Jean DESCARPENTRIE and Emilie GOUNIN spent many hours reading publications, thinking about protocols,and organizing all the lab work.
- Diego RODRIGUEZ helped with the labwork during the summer
- Maxime FAGES worked on a chemical sulfation protocol

- M. McIntosh who is in Australia and helped us by answering to our questions on Curdlan.
- Camila PARROT member of INSERM / Université Bordeaux Segalen (Unit 869) NA: Natural and Artificial Regulation” (ARNA) led by Martin TEICHMANN, helped to optimize our Cloning procedure. We also thank her for her daily support!
- Lionel BEAUREPAIRE, INSERM engineer, gave many advices on clonage.
- Aurore DE RACHE, Amina BEDRAT, Nassima GUEDDOUDA and Oscar MENDOZA from Jean-Louis Mergny’s Group for lending us their spectrophometer, their NanoDrop instruments and their Fluorescence Reader.
- Martin TEICHMANN 's group to lend us incubators and the pHmeter
- Natacha PEREBASKINE from Axel INNIS’ group, for the safety formation and for the lending of their Nanodrop instruments
- Myriam MEDERIC for her hard work and encouragement .

Team S. Cerevisiae

- Nicolas BOISSET and Thomas FAVRAUD lead the yeast research before our lab-work and worked on the experiments during the summer
- Gabriel DIANÉ worked on Bacillus subtillis and allowed us to eliminate this organism from our list of host organisms

- Derek McCUSKER, PhD Group Leader, CNRSIBGC - UMR 5095 (CNRS-UBS) helped us by explaining the homologous repair to express the FKS1 gene and on the design of primers for this gene.
- Denis DUPUY PhD Group Leader of INSERM/Université Bordeaux Segalen (U869); ARN: Régulations naturelle et artificielle" (ARNA) ; our supervisor ; led us for the Gibson chew back assembly technique
- Jonathan MILLET, Denis DUPUY’s PhD student, gave us some advices for PCR troubleshooting.
- Didier THORAVAL , teacher and researcher of "Laboratoire de Biogenèse Membranaire" who gave us many resources for our work on yeast. Without this help, yeast work will never start.

Team Sponsoring

- Savandara BESSE , Marjorie LACOURREGE , Hiba BENMOHAMED worked hard all year writing e-mails and contacting companies for sponsoring.
- Lily BOURGOIN , Savandara BESSE and Claudia SMITH-MENA made the sponsoring plaquette and flyers which were distributed during our different events, including wine congresses
- Jean-Rémy BROSSIER helped with the paperwork to be done for help from the Aquitaine region and the Bordeaux University and gave us some advices because of his experience with iGEM .

- All of our sponsors . You can find all of their websites on our front page!

Team Wiki

- Hiba BENMOHAMED and Charlotte MAILLOT worked coding the wiki and debugging when an error was made ;)
- Emilie GOUNIN made all of the figures and wiki texts.

- Concerning our wiki, it was based on Evry's 2014 team wiki. We decided to adapt their code for our wiki.
- Nacim BENALI, student in informatics, for the design of the wiki.
- Caroline GAGNANT, one of our classmates, designed our comics.

Team Policy & Practices

- Savandara BESSE and Lily BOURGOIN worked on an ethical analysis and safety analysis of our project
- Charlie KOFFI , Jordan NICOT , Kellian CIPIERRE , Caroline ROUSSEAU and Gilles KREMBEL-SAUTOT worked on our board game meeting with professionals and testing the game!
- Corentin KOEHLER worked on video montages and on the economic overview of our project.
- Caroline ROUSSEAU , Gilles KREMBEL-SAUTOT , Edouard TOURDOT and Diego RODRIGUEZ worked on Imagine life; the project in collaboration with Capsciences.

- M. Jacques FAUCHER, professor of bioethics, who's interview helped us to understand the utility of ethics committees and to think about our project.
- CAP SCIENCES (the Bordeaux sciences musuem) for hosting the show and especially Nathalie CAPLET and Sébastien CURSAN for the organization and the communication about the Meetup!

At the end, thanks to all other people who supported our project on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube). Your interest had always touched us and we hope that we will support again for 2016 iGEM competition!