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The Colorado State University (CSU) iGEM team graciously invited us to their hometown in Fort Collins, Colorado for a weekend visit. There, we took turns presenting our project to each other and giving feedback on the presentation quality and the project itself. CSU gave us useful feedback and we will implement their suggestions for our final presentation in Boston! Afterwards, CSU brought in a guest speaker, Professor Jeff Kasser, who discussed some case studies on the Philosophy of Science. Professor Kasser presented many important concepts and, in doing so, gave us an opportunity to think deeply about the impact of our biological creations. Occasionally scientists may not foresee certain implications that could arise from a new biological system. Therefore, Professor Kasser reminded us to be thoughtful scientists as we dive into the new and uncharted waters of synthetic biology. We will take his important lessons with us and share them with future CU Boulder iGEM members in the hope of fostering thoughtful scientists who understand the full implications of their work.

We also participated in surveys from these teams....

  • BioBrick survey from University of Minnesota
  • ProtoCat survey from University of Michigan
  • Food Spoilage survey from UIIT Kharagpur
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