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RFP under arabinose inducible pBad

This part has a Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) downstream of the pBad promoter. Expression is stimulated by L-arabinose. We used this part to test the leakiness of this promoter.


Genetic Switch for Bxb1 invertase

The Bxb1 invertase will invert the segment of DNA between the two recognition sites. In this case, Bxb1 will invert a terminator allowing for expression of a strong Anderson promoter.


RFP under the LuxPr promoter

In the presence of AHL, the LuxR transcription factor will bind AHL and activate the LuxPr promoter. RFP is downstream and will be expressed.


LuxI and GFP

LuxI leads to the production of AHL which, when in the presence of AHL, activates the LuxPr promoter. Downstream of the LuxI coding region is GFP, a reporter


Genetic switch for Bxb1 with LuxI and GFP

This part consists of the genetic switch described in BBa_K1718002 and the LuxI and GFP coding regions described in BBa_K1718004

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