Team:Columbia NYC/Collaborations


One of the core value and spirit of iGEM is working together with other teams to solve problems and share resources. As such, we did our best to extend a helping hand when needed.

Team UGA-Georgia (University of Georgia)

UGA Logo UGA iGEM has asked us to help in their effort to characterize archaeal ribosome binding sites by measuring the expression of mCherry in their sample as a proxy for RBS activity. As such, we measured the fluorescence and protein concentration of 30 samples (triplets of 10) at an excitation wavelength of 590nm and emission of 645nm and at OD280, respectively.

Hudson UGA Help Hudson setting up the plate read for the 30 samples that UGA sent us

Team Genspace

Genspace Logo

Genspace iGEM members were having trouble with a quorum-sensing related promoter that was controlling the expression of red fluorescent protein (RFP). The RFP was meant to only be expressed when a threshold cell density was met, but was being expressed below this threshold. As a result, we suggested that they had their construct's base RFP expression level measured via our fluorometer and how this compared to fluorescence levels after the threshold density was met to better characterize what was going on with their part. Since Genspace is a community biolab that is not as well-equipped as an institutional laboratory such as ours, we offered help by means of equipment that we are more fortunate to have.

Jacky Genspace Help Jacky helping the Genspace Team measure their fluorescence