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EPFL 2015 iGEM bioLogic Logic Orthogonal gRNA Implemented Circuits EPFL 2015 iGEM bioLogic Logic Orthogonal gRNA Implemented Circuits


Survey with ETH Zürich team

Despite being a small country, Switzerland has no less than four national languages. It also benefits from a large pool of cultures from all around the world. While probing the opinion of the public about synthetic biology and our project, it would have been a shame not to take advantage from this diversity. Luckily, the ETH Zürich team had the same interest in the public opinion as ours for their project. As we were about to hold a stand in Lausanne’s (French speaking part of Switzerland) street, our teams therefore developed together a survey integrating general questions as well as more specific questions relative to our projects. The survey was big success, so we decided to go one step further and organized another similar event in Basel (Swiss-German speaking part of Switzerland) with the ETH Zürich team. Doing so allowed us to gather the opinion of even more people and helped us investigating the difference between the populations of those two cities. Find more information about our results on the ETHZ wiki or on our Human Practices page.

Survey in Basel

Getting ready for the Giant Jamboree: After the survey in Basel, the EHTZ team invited us to visit their lab. We performed a simulation of our presentations for Boston in order to get used to talking about our projects to other synthetic biologists, and of course to get rid of this stage fright!

Meeting in Bordeaux

The iGEM Bordeaux team invited us for a meetup in their city with the teams from Aix-Marseille, KU Leuven, Paris-Pasteur, Paris-Saclay and Toulouse. This was a great opportunity to share the experiences and challenges we had during iGEM and to learn from the other teams, as well as meet some friendly people before the Jamboree ! The main event was at the science museum Cap Sciencess where each team presented their project to the general public. This was not only an opportunity to inform the public about our project, but also to get feedback on our presentation from the other iGEM teams.

Our presentation at Cap Science

We want to thank iGEM Bordeaux for inviting us and for the great time we had ! For more information, visit the iGEM Bordeaux collaboration page.

Amoy Newsletter

This year we contributed to the biweekly newsletter hosted by the Amoy, Paris_Bettencourt and Pasteur_Paris iGem teams. This new communication platform was designed to enable iGEM teams from around the world to present their work and collaborate as they faced unique challenges. For example, the newsletter addressed the following themes: setting up an iGEM team, finding and using useful software and the the state of synthetic biology across various countries. We were proud to participate to an effort that brought together 52 teams from 33 countries. You can find the newsletters on iGEM Amoy’s wiki

EPFL 2015 iGEM bioLogic Logic Orthogonal gRNA Implemented Circuits