Team:ETH Zurich/Basic Part

"What I cannot create I do not understand."
- Richard Feynmann

Basic Parts

In this section we present our basic parts. Our part is LldR, a protein required to regulate the lldR promoter. The expression of LldR was necessary to characterize the natural and our designed lldR promoters. We also give here an operon with LldP and LldR. LldP is an L-lactate permease which transports L-lactate inside the cell by proton motion force. It increases the levels of lactate inside the cell and it changes the behaviour of our designed promoters. We believe that our system combining LldR, LldP and PlldR can be used by future iGEM teams as means of lactate detection.


Registry number

LldR BBa_K1847001
LldP-LldR BBa_K1847016

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