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"What I cannot create I do not understand."
- Richard Feynmann


Newly characterized parts of the Registry

Here we present the parts from the Registry of which we improved the existing characterization. We were the first team to characterize the impact of AiiA (BBa_C0160) on the LuxR quorum sensing system. In addition, we characterized the mechanism of LldR-mediated repression of the natural lldR-promoter (BBa_K822000) and established a new Part Collection of adapted lldR-promoters which helped us understand the biological mechanism of the LldR system.

In addition, we improved the wildtype promoter lldR-promoter by desingning new versions with improved characteristics: BBa_K1847008.

Part Name


Registry Number

aiiA Autoinducer inactivation enzyme aiiA (enzyme that inactivates the acylhomoserine lactone (AHL) quorum-sensing signal). Check out our characterization for aiiA! BBa_C0160
pLldR lldPRD operon promoter + RBS from E. coli. In the absence of L-lactate, lldR binds to two operator sites O1 and O2 in the promoter region and inhibits expression. Check out our characterization for pLldR! We also improved the existing promoter by removing the ArcA site and obtained an increased ON/OFF ratio by changing the promoter strength. BBa_K822000

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