Team:ETH Zurich/Lab

"What I cannot create I do not understand."
- Richard Feynmann



In the wet lab we worked with mammalian cell culture, did a lot of experiments and cloning with E. coli, developed and tested a microfluidics chip and, last but not least, we combined all these three parts to test our system. We divide the different experiments into four sections as shown below.

Figure 1. Overview of the different kinds of experiments we did.

We invested a lot of time and effort into the generation of reliable data sets and never stopped looking for more experiments that would make it possible for us to achieve the most fruitful interaction with the modeling team, which in turn helped us a lot in setting a focus on critical points.

Coculture of mammalian cells with E. coli.

Please take a look at our experimental Results to see how we achieved

Moreover, we are designed a testing system of our final test setup in a Microfluidic Chip. More information about the performed experiments can be found on our experiments page. In addition, an overview over the bacterial strains and mammalian cell lines we used for our experiments, along with a list of materials and equipment can be found in our materials page.

We are one of 71 teams that participated at this years Interlab Study, in which we measured the fluorescence of the three test constructs using FACS flow cytometry, as well as our microtiter plate reader.

We would like to thank our sponsors