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"What I cannot create I do not understand."
- Richard Feynmann




Anja MICHEL Biology
I grew up in a small village where the cow to inhabitant ratio is close to one. I prefer bacteria disassembled into their components rather than whole and healthily living.
Labwork is like cooking and I love both. Besides my life as a lab rat for iGEM, I am addicted to music, good books and my bike.
I chose to join the iGEM team because like cluttering myself with work.
After four years of a love-hate relationship with bacteria, iGEM presents an interesting new chance!
Charlotte RAMON Biomedical Engineering
Until now, I have never stepped foot in a biology lab...but I'm glad to be part of the team as a modeller!
"What I love: organization!"
Harun MUSTAFA Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
I can get computers to make magic happen...but only in small doses, so you can’t ask for too much. I’m a computer scientist who happens to have an interest in biology. When I’m not tanning in front of a monitor, I like to play music (guitar and various folk lutes) and go on spontaneous hiking trips.

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they’re not." - Yoggi Berra
Lisa BAUMGARTNER Biochemistry
ETH and I have been together for almost 4 years now and we are excited to spend some more time together this summer! Hello iGEM!
Michael "Mike" MEIER Cell Biology
Being the oldest member of the team with an MSc title in immediate sight makes me feel–well–old. But hey, I have made most of the common mistakes already, which can be considered an asset. After countless lab hours tormenting plants I am now eager to set my evil mind once again on my old nemesis, E. coli..


melodious pipetting expert


lab photojournalist and cell destroyer


number cruncher


chief nerd


self-appointed benevolent leader-for-life


busy beaver



Margaux Dastor

Synthetic Biology Group

Christian Jordi

Tay Group

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