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A biohack is a type of hackathon, which is a computer hacking competition where teams and individuals come together at a specified location in an attempt to create something innovative using new and/or existing technologies. The difference between a normal hackathon and biohack, then, is that the latter somehow incorporates biology. Biohacks are usually 24-48 hours long, and culminate with presentations by teams who feel that they have created something worth sharing by the end of the competition. Winners are subsequently awarded prizes from sponsors, and walk away with a degree of exposure of their abilities. These events are typically free and open to the public in order to encourage hackers of all skill levels and sets to participate. Click here to read more:

The BioHack allowed us to engage with wider society about our work and synthetic biology in general. Now that we had our first taste of how fruitful this mutual relationship could be, it was time to see whether we could take it a step further. In order to do so, we organised a public panel discussion on drug related issues, where a wide array of experts shared their opinions and answered questions from the audience. Click here to read more and watch a video of our discussion: