NYU_Shanghai is a newly developed iGEM team in shanghai, and they are really taking an active part in iGEM competition! We had several meet-ups about how to establish an iGEM team and what are the essential skills in lab. We offered advice on experiments and running of the team. On August 8th, hey held a wonderful event in Shanghai Science&Technology Museum, which our team also attended. Besides, we shared the iGEM distribution kit with each other. We will have further collaboration in the future! (See:


WLSA_Fudan-Shanghai is a new team mentored by us. This team comes from the High School Affiliated to Fudan University, which means we are bond together. In order to help them with their project, we managed to enroll them into our experiment class, and constantly gave them detailed information about experiment. We shared all the parts in the distribution kit with them, for their kit was seized in the custom. (They turn to us for help through the contact by the iGEM headquarter) We also delivered a speech in their schoo on how to successfully organize an iGEM team.


NCTU_Formosa is one of the best teams in Asia, and we attend their iGEM Asia Meet up. Our team member communicate a lot with them and learned a lot! We really appreciate this chance to exchange ideas with each other and thank you NCTU!