Team:Georgia State/Attributions



We would like to thank Snapgene, IDT, GSU Student Academic Team Student Fees committee, GSU STEM Office, and Kenny’s Tees for sponsoring us this year. Thank you for helping us be successful and reaching our goals this year. We would also like to especially thank congressmen Matt Hatchett, Micah Gravely, and Tom McCall for making time to discuss the legislative, economic, and health care concerns and impacts of our project

We would like to acknowledge these individuals and their dedication with GSU-iGEM team to make this project possible:

Our two academic advisors, Dr. Matthew Brewer and Dr. Victoria Mariani, gave us insights and navigated throughout our project;

Our graduate advisors, Maruf Hoque and Jessica Siemer, helped introducing new lab techniques to the team and gave advice that helped prepare the team for the giant jamboree;

Our lab coordinator, Derrica Burke, provided a safe and clean lab environment for the team;

The summer intern, Patrick Van Haun, helped us with packaging for outreach and keeping the lab clean;

Mohammed Awad for Web Development;

Andrea Marie Book and Holly Bowman for creating logos and other GSU-iGEM designs;

Robert Scott Lewis for taking beautiful pictures of the team’s activities;

Due to the newly passed law regarding cannabidiol in Georgia, John M. Powell informed us with useful information for our legislative outreach;

We were able to create plants tissue culture and create more efficient tissue culture protocols in lab thanks to the assistance of the Kylie Bucalo who is the founder of the molecular biology lab at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Ohio State University-ABRC for providing us with the pORE E2 and pORE E4 vectors with a discount.

Lab Work Attributions

Part design was completed by Joseph Whitley

Ligations were completed by Muddassar Hussan

Plant work was completed by Holly Bowman, Laura Irvin, and Grace Purvis

Protein purification was completed by Joseph Whitley,Zahra Faraj,Laura Irvin, and Muddassar Hussan with the assistance of Jessica Siemer.

Last but not least, thank-you to all the students that helped the team in lab during their free time and all of our sponsors.

Project JBroth Attributions

Many thanks to the Center for Science Education at Emory University for providing funding for Giant Jamboree registration for Josh Davila and Jasmine Carrothers.

Also thanks to the Emory Biotech Club and the Matsumura Lab for providing materials and lab space.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Dr. Pat Marstellar, Dr. Gillian Hue, and Maruf Hoque for their guidance and enthusiasm.