Team:IIT Delhi/ethics


iGEM Orientation (January 2015):
The team organised an orientation with the purpose of discussing the scope and future of synthetic biology in India and IIT Delhi as well as increasing awareness about iGEM . This event was attended by students from the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, pursuing various disciplines including Computer Science engineering, Electrical engineering, Biological sciences among others.

Orientation for freshmen (July-August 2015):
iGEM Team IIT Delhi kept an orientation exclusively for the freshmen joining in the fall semester 2015. The session involved our team members introducing concepts of synthetic biology to the freshmen and to tell them about iGEM. This was essentially done to help the freshmen develop an interest in synthetic biology and hopefully carry on the iGEM Team IIT Delhi legacy forward.

Tryst (February-March 2015)

Tryst is the annual science and technology festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. iGEM team IIT Delhi set up a stall, which was aimed at encouraging and promoting synthetic biology by using a myriad of ways to do this.
The team set up an on spot DNA extraction technique which allows any person to see the DNA extracted from their saliva or a fruit (banana and strawberry) with their naked eye. The team also displayed its iGEM project from the 2014 jamboree. A fun quiz called bioathlon was also organized which included prizes for the top 3 entries. iGEM Team IIT Delhi was awarded the 1st runner up prize in the ‘Best stall in Tryst 2015’ category.

Open House (April 2015)

Open house is an annual event in IIT Delhi which aims to promote and increase awareness about new technologies specifically for school children. iGEM team IIT Delhi put up a stall in this event with the goal to motivate and encourage school students to develop a greater interest in Biology and Biotechnology. We also gave a basic introduction about synthetic biology and iGEM with the hope that it might motivate some of them to enrol as the first high school team to participate in iGEM from India.

Surveys (August 2015)

iGEM Team IIT Delhi conducted some surveys to get an idea of the level of awareness among the citizens of Delhi, and getting an insight into the basic health and mental issues faced by the people by virtue of living in the most polluted city in the world. This was done in Central Park in Connaught Place, New Delhi and Munirka village. This was a really eye opening experience as we realised that the basic level of awareness is very low among the common people of the city. The details of the surveys have been enclosed in a separate document.
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