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Collaboration with Delhi Government:
Our team went on to meet with the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, to talk about collaborating with our team. As a consequence, Delhi Government has agreed to implement the project at a larger scale all throughout Delhi. So, basically, our project is going to affect the lives of people in an entire state, and what else can be a bigger achievement for us! Not only that, we also made sure that the ethical restrictions on synthetic biology be eased out, thereby allowing a higher research scope and better outcomes. And, finally made him aware of the present scenario of Synthetic Biology, and made it a point that it gets publicised in a proper fashion all throughout India.
The literal impact our project can have on pollution control and the potential it has was enough for our Government to assure their tie up, which certainly is a big step taken ahead.

IISER Pune India meetup (July 2015):

iGEM Team IIT Delhi sent its representatives to the Indian iGEM meetup which was held at IISER Pune. The purpose for this was to discuss strategies and help other teams with any problems they are facing. The possibility of collaboration was also discussed among other topics. Being the team with the most amount of experience with iGEM over the past years, iGEM Team IIT Delhi had the task to explain about the completion, jamboree and sharing our experiences with the others.


Enactus IIT Delhi is basically related to Social Entrepreneurship, and deals with the various issues of social importance. Presently, they are working on project "Aanch", where there primary focus is to reduce the smoke coming out from the "Chulha's" used for cooking in rural areas. "iGEM IIT Delhi" has collaborated with "Enactus IIT Delhi" in spreading awareness about the harmful effects caused by the smoke emitted from the "Chulha's".


NSIT Visit:

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, is a leading institution of higher technical education in India. Our team went there to display our iGEM project, apart from preaching the idea of Synthetic Biology. It was an eye opener for most of the students as most of the concepts were new for them. They took deep interest and participated actively. We also conducted a survey with a different questionnaire and handed a copy of our documentation on Pollution, so as to make them fully aware of entire issue. Finally, we gave them an insight into the working of iGEM IIT Delhi, and encouraged them to be a part of our team next year. The spirit and enthusiasm shown by them was a sure indicator of the influence our visit had on them.

Online Mentoring :

We have been mentoring the idea of Synthetic Biology for a very long time, using our Facebook page. The basic motive was to make people aware of the ongoing research in the field of Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology. Our target was to make people realise the importance and the potential of synthetic biology.


The following is a documentation of "Pollution"; containing the causes and effects of pollution. It also contains detailed statistical analysis of pollution in some of the major cities in our nation. We sincerely hope that it will prove beneficial. You can check it at: Click Here


Case Study: All through our project work a sociologist who is a doctoral candidate accompanied our team. A link to the short report prepared by him on teams' human practices component is given here.

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