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  • It all started on May 23rd. A group of students, highly excited about the whole idea of Synthetic Biology and awesomely enthusiastic to make something real! May be we were low in experience, but we were high in zeal!

  • And by October 18th, we had developed a genetically cloned bacteria out of nowhere, developed the mathematical models of our prototype with detailed simulation, and designed our own prototype to implement our idea on a broader spectrum, spread awareness about the field of synthetic biology, came up with a book on pollution and even designed games on our Eco.Coli bacteria.

  • Seems too much, but all these did happen, and it was fun! Now, the most important question: How? Well, here lies the answer:

  • Eat, Sleep, Clone and repeat!

  • The Biotech UG lab of IIT Delhi served as our activity hub, where we were working at least 8 hours a day for the entire summers. The fun we had, and the joy after accomplishment of each of our targets was incomparable.
  • Timeline

    A dream to finalisation of idea- Click here

    Introductory Lab Sessions to Gel Electrophoresis- Click here

    Strategy Planned and Lab Sessions - Click here

    Lab Session 10-06 to 22-06 - Click here

    Lab Session 24-06 to 26-07- Click here

    CL-I strategy for cloning - 1 Click here

    CL-I strategy for cloning - 2 Click here

    CL-I strategy for cloning - 3 Click here

    CL-I strategy for cloning - 4 Click here

    CL-II strategy for cloning - 3A Click here

    CL-III strategy for cloning - 3A Click here

    Lab Session 10-08 to 17-08 : Click here

    Lab Session 18-08 to 24-08 : Click here