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Our project


Test test ultra test Patterns are fascinating, from the veins of a leaf to the stripes of a zebra. Patterns are found everywhere in nature, but how they are formed is not entirely clear. We, the KU Leuven iGEM 2015 team, decided to work on the fundamental mechanisms behind pattern formation. The way cells of multicellular organisms interact to generate a specific pattern has triggered our curiosity. Our mission is to create astonishing biological patterns with engineered bacteria on a petri dish to unravel the secrets of nature. We will design a ‘proof of principle’ which can form the basis for fundamental research.

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A last message of the team

We are back from the Jamboree!!

We were very happy to present our results to the jury and we got a positive feedback:

First we won a gold medal!!

And we were even nominated for 4 prices in the overgrad section: Best Poster, Best Education and Public Engagement, Best Modeling and Best New Application Project in which we were the runner-up!

We were very happy with these results and want to thank everybody involved who helped us to achieve this! Thank you very much!!


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