Team:Lambert GA/Attributions




Constructs: Jack Kwon, Kevin Tao

Foldscope: Lily Ge, Chris Jackson


Hanna Minot, Sarah Rupert, Lauren Pan, Lauren Hong, Jack Kwon, Kevin Tao, Julia Leveille, Alyssa Franklin


Lily Ge, Neha Balachandran


Spiritwear: Elynna Chang

Banner: Lily Ge

Poster: Alyssa Franklin, Lauren Hong, Julia Leveille

Flyer: Hanna Minot

Handouts: Hanna Minot, Chris Jackson, Lauren Hong


Atlanta Science Festival: Elynna Chang

Next Generation Focus: Noor Sohal

Lab Hacks, Oyster Farms and Wheat Stripe Rust: Lauren Pan

Keep Charlie Moving: Whole Team

Operation Christmas Child: Whole Team


Presenters:Noor Sohal, Elynna Chang, Jack Kwon, Lily Ge

Script and other help: Kevin Tao


Lily decked out in her Rosco gear after receiving free filters for the Foldscope and other goodies.

General Support

Mark Styczynski- Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology

Dan Watstein- graduate student " "

GATech iGEM team

Our graduated seniors from 2015 who have gone on to greater fields; Christina Bae, Marybeth Koepsell, Kaitlyn Martin, Nimisha Vasandani, Chris Waites, Rebecca Yan and Justin Yoo. We couldn't be here without you!

Chitin Support

Snapgene- software for sequence analysis

IDT- synthesis of g blocks

Mrs. Standeven's Biotech Classes

Foldscope Support

Prakash Lab Stanford University- provided foldscopes in their Beta testing

Rosco Laboratories- provided free filters

Funding Support

Lambert High School

Johns Creek Chick fil A

National Science Foundation Grant #1254382

Wiki Support

Sai Kilaru- wiki formatting

Dugan Walker- graphics of constructs

Outreach Support

Next Generation Focus/ Grace Chapel Hill Church

Atlanta Science Festival

Keep Charlie Moving/ Charlie & Family

Operation Christmas


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