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Collaboration with Georgia Tech iGEM Team

Our team is mentored by Styczynski Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology. Over the summer, our Lambert iGEM team visited Georgia Tech and with the current Georgia Tech iGEM team. During our visit, we presented and explained our project and they, along with Dr.Styczynski and Dr. Liangjun Zhao, were able to give us advice. We used these pointers to design our project. In particular, they helped eliminate some projects that would have not worked at all in the scope of our timeframe, including a CRISPR cas reporter for Wheat Stripe rust. They played a major role in assisting us with our initial construct ideas. We used the IDT offer of gBlocks to order several different constructs. In turn, we had the privilege of listening to their project as well. We asked questions about their designs and discussed our experiences at the Collegiate Jamboree in 2013 and 2014. This was valuable to them as members of their team had not been to a Jamboree before. Lastly, the team led us on a tour of the new Engineered Biosystems building and labs. Without this type of collaboration, it would be impossible for our team to have as successful of a project.

The whole group Serious Discussion
Dr. Liangjun Zhao Lambert iGEM gazes longingly at Georgia Tech's vastly superior lab equipment
Wondering how we can afford this kind of lab



☑ Registered for iGEM, have a great summer, and attend the Giant Jamboree.

☑ Completed Judging form and all required consent forms.

☑ Created a Team Wiki.

☑ Presented a poster and a talk at the iGEM Jamboree.

☑ Created a page on our team wiki with clear attribution of each aspect of our project.

☑ Collaborated with Georgia Tech iGEM.


☑ Documented new standard BioBrick Parts BBa_k1620000 (bicistronic), BBa_k1620001 (bidirectional), BBa_k1620002 (fusion) central to our project and submitted to iGEM Registry.

☑ Documented the characterization of BBa_K1184000 (KillerRed) and BBa_E2050 (mOrange).

☑ Demonstrated the identification, investigation, and addressing of ethics, safety, and security through hosting a panel discussion on GMOs, bioterrorism, ethics and safety of genetic engineering, and other related topics at the Atlanta Science Festival, and conducted a survey of people's perspectives on genetic engineering.

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