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Lambert's team is comprised of 13 high school students from Suwanee, Georgia in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. We are an after-school club that meets simply for the love of synthetic biology, serious swag, and with an initiative to save the environment one gene at a time.



Hi, I'm Neha and I'm a junior at Lambert High School! This is my third year in iGEM, and the people in it have become my best friends over the years. Apart from my ever growing interest in science, I love reading, Netflix, and London.


Hi! I'm Elynna Chang and I'm a junior at Lambert. I've been on the iGEM team since freshman year, and I love genetic engineering and developmental biology! Besides science, I also love to debate, paint, and play the piano.


I’m Alyssa Franklin, a sophomore, and this is my first year on iGEM. For fun I enjoy running, dancing, reading, and playing the guitar.


I'm a senior at Lambert who's been with iGEM since the dawn of time. A brief list of things I love: open source science, number theory proofs, ballet (and Maria Kotchekova), fencing, flowers, art and graphic design, the internet, roller coasters, libraries, late night conversations.


My name is Lauren Hong, and I am currently a sophomore at Lambert High School. Through iGEM, I've been able to explore the power of biology to apply the concepts to our own ideas and designs. Outside of the lab, I'm a competitive soccer player and a passionate violinist.


Hi, my name is Chris Jackson, and I'm a sophomore on the Lambert iGEM team. I have helped with the foldscope aspect of our project, and am a student athlete who plays baseball and tennis. I like animals more than people.


Hi! My name is Jack Kwon and I am one of the members on the Lambert High School iGEM team. I am very interested in the field of biology and plan on pursuing it in college. iGEM has allowed me to experience labs in the high school setting which is very cool and hope to benefit more from being part of the iGEM team!


I’m Julia Leveille, a sophomore, and this is my first year on iGEM. I run cross country and track. I love reading and have green hair!


Hi I'm Hanna and I'm a senior at Lambert. This is my second year being apart of iGEM. I enjoy traveling, hiking, paddle boarding, and the beach. I love all types of science and my dream is to be a doctor without borders or a pediatric specialist.


Hi, I'm one of the two "Lauren"s on the Lambert HS iGEM team! (Though I am the one of the senior sort). I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and vortexers. I've done everything from HOSA, to Student Council, to FBLA and even Outdoor Adventure Club. But iGEM is truly where my heart lies.


Hi I'm Sarah, I'm a senior at Lambert High School. Since my freshman year when I realized mechanical engineering just wasn't my thing, I've had a passion for that of genetic engineering. iGEM has become my life, and my family.


Hi my name is Noor, I am a senior at Lambert High School. Freshman year I developed a love for synthetic biology, which I pursued through iGEM. Similar to my love for synthetic biology I adore sloths and think they are the greatest creatures to have ever existed. I hope to continue my love for synthetic biology and sloths throughout college and life.


I am a current Junior at Lambert. I am involved with the band, iGem, and Hosa. I play tennis, piano, and the bass clarinet. I am mainly interested in biology and hope to go into the field of medicine.



Lover of science, bread baking, knitting, gardening and home design. Passionate about Synthetic Biology and open source science through iGEM. Mother of three wonderful sons, wife of a patient and generous husband and second mother to a generation of talented, inquisitive, intelligent and constantly hungry students.


My life is not my own, but that's the way I want it. My life belongs to the One who redeemed my soul, to my husband who stole my heart, to my parasitic offspring whom I adore and would sacrifice everything for, to my amazing students who keep me young. All I ask for is a small part of the day to release some endorphins in a thirty minute workout and a little bit of clean, iGEM green kale juice to keep me going!


If it involves coffee, campfires, tacos or dinosaurs, I'm in! A perfect day is one spent sharing my love for science with my freshmen who have affectionately been deemed my squirrels. Personal goals include turning all of my students into big ol' science nerds and continuing to travel. Free time is spent in the mountains hiking and backpacking with my sweet husband and two fur babies.

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