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Our team

Tyche Siebers

Tyche Siebers is a biology student interested in biohacking, bio-art and exploring ways in which a DIY science approach can be used to engage the public in a positive way with rapidly developing and potentially intimidating fields like synthetic biology.

Lena Asai

Lena Asai studies design at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a member of Biohackspace is interested in exploring the relationship between art, design, and synthetic biology. She hopes to become the bridge between the scientists and public. WEBSITE:

Edoardo Gianni

I am a UCL Biochemistry student and I took part with the UCL iGEM Team in 2014. The DIYbio community inspired me to become a synthetic biologist, and I am now excited to contribute in making it bigger and better!

Ilya Levantis

One of the directors of London Biohackspace. Always pushing for the next step in London Biohackspace's inevitable rise to glory! I also do evolutionary theory, genomics, python and welding. Twitter

Sam Thomson

Alec Burslem

Tom Hodder

Adam Denyer

I have recently completed an MRes degree in Synthetic Biology at UCL and participated in the competition last year. My main interests lie in the fields of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. I decided to help the London Biohackspace 2015 iGEM team as I feel it is the perfect arena to expand the DIY-bio community and enable more people outside of industry and academia to participate and enjoy this emerging engineering discipline.

Victoria Butler

Coming from a background which is a mix of haute couture fashion , science, and business the linking thread in my work is a passion for understanding how things can be made, new materials and techniques in future and exploring what new applications will emerge. I set up a bespoke leather label which pushes the boundaries of accessory evolution. This gave me the time to study with coding, 3d design programs and 3d printing. I have focussed on material structure development and the evolution of materials and material manufacture which has led me into areas of synthetic biology and the effect of the substructure on surface potential.

Michael Smith

James Phillips



UCL Engineering


We'd like to thank the UCL department of Biochemical Engineering and the Imperial College SynbiCITE synthetic biology centre for its continuous support in establishing our community lab, both economically (see sponsors) and in terms of scientific and safety expertise.

London Hackspace

This is our home and mother, the London Hackspace is a community workshop based in East London. This community is the one from which we were born, and the one that keeps supporting us and helping in all of our hardware projects. We wouldn't be able to fix all the equipment we have without all of them.


Dr. Darren Nesbeth

Darren has been one of our foremost supporter since the earliest days of the Biohackspace. This year he facilitated our project and provided us with yeast strains and vectors.

Prof. Paul Freemont

Paul has provided key support to London Biohackspace, without his support we would not be at iGEM this year.

Dr. Vitor Pinheiro

General experiment design, SLiCE assembly and development of the filtration based method for competent cells preparation.

Dr. Tom Ellis

Yeast strains and vectors.

Team spirit

The idea: all together!

Yeast knockouts and antisense: Adam

Synbio Brew Kit Design: Lena & Tyche

SPLiCE and filter competent cells: Edo

All our beautiful hardware: Tom


Juanma Garcia (Open Spectrophotometer), ....