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Part Documentation

We have designed and constructed 10 parts this year, 5 of which have been submitted to iGem HQ.

BBa_K1640018, aka ChlM, is a part integral to our synthetic chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway, which we have redesigned from earlier submissions, and have functionally characterised. This part has been submitted, and we are claiming a silver medal for this part.

ChlM is incorporated into the Chlorophyll a biosynthesis pathway in operon 3 as illustrated in the following diagram.

Parts BBa_K1640008, BBa_K1640020, BBa_K1640006 and BBa_K1640012 (respectively psbMZH, psbA, psbELJ, and psbQR) are 4 of the 10 biobricks we have designed for synthetic production of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii's photosystem II complex. These 4 parts have been submitted to iGem HQ and we are claiming our bronze medal for these new submissions.

These photosystem II biobricks are incorporated into the photosystem II biosynthesis pathway as illustrated in the following diagram.

PSII diagram

Part Table