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Project Overview

There are three main components in our project this year:

  • Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathway
    • By expressing 4 operons the protoporphyrin-IX molecule can be transformed into chlorophyll-a.
    • Protoporphyrin-IX is present within E. coli and is typically used to make a different tetrapyrrole: heme.
  • Photosystem II
    • Through the expression of 5 operons we aim to induce E. coli to build the Photosystem II protein complex which contains the Oxygen Evolving Centre of photosynthesis.
  • Hydrogenase
    • A hydrogenase enzyme can take two protons and two electrons to build H2 (molecular hydrogen).

Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathway diagram

Photosystem II diagram
Hydrogenase diagram