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Humans of Macquarie iGEM

These are the stories of those who instruct, advise, and inspire the Macquarie_Australia iGEM team.


Dr Louise Brown

"My research interests include exploring the difficult - large, dynamic macromolecular protein complexes using reporter labelling methods. EPR, FRET, NMR, and diamonds! Nanodiamonds can be isolated and made to emit light. They have biomedical applications, can be used as biomolecular tags, for ultrasensitive imaging and sensing technologies."

(Dr Louise Brown - Sydney, Australia)
Associate Professor Robert Willows

"My research career has concentrated on the biosynthesis and metabolism of chlorophyll and heme in bacteria, plants, and algae. This research lead to the discovery of chlorophyll f, investigations into the structure and assembly of a complex molecular machine involved in chlorophyll synthesis, and studies into developmental regulation in algae and plants. An additional interest in the plant hormone abscisic acid has lead to proteomic investigations of cereals like wheat and barley and studies on the function of proteins in bran layers of cereals."

(Associate Professor Robert Willows - Sydney, Australia)

Professor Ian Paulsen

"My research interests have focused on understanding microbial physiology and evolution, in particular in utilising "big picture" or global approaches such as genome sequencing, bioinformatics, microarray analysis, high throughput cloning, gene knockout, and phenotypic screening. Click here to see my blog"

(Professor Ian Paulsen - Sydney, Australia)
Professor Nicki Packer

"My research focus is investigating the post-translational modification of proteins with sugars, termed glycosylation. Glycans are presented on most proteins of the cell surface and are the first molecules involved in many biomolecular interactions. They are thus integral to multiple cellular and biological processes such as cell communication and development, cancer metastasis, blood coagulation, host immune response, host-microbe interactions and fertility."

(Professor Nicki Packer - Sydney, Australia)

Dr Jennifer Hallinan

"I have a background in both molecular biology and computing science, and am interested in the interface between the two. I am particularly interested in the use of computational intelligence techniques to design synthetic genetic circuits. Research interests include: systems and synthetic biology, computational intelligence and machine learning, molecular biology of Bacillus subtilis."

(Dr Jennifer Hallinan - Sydney, Australia)


Edward Moh

"I practically live in the lab! Between doing my PhD and advising this year's iGEM team, there's not much time I get outside the lab. I have been involved with Macquarie iGEM team for a few years now, and it's been great to watch it grow over the years."

(Edward Moh - Sydney, Australia)
Mike Gibbs

"I am currently a lab demonstrator here at Macquarie for a range of molecular biology subjects. I advised the 2014 team and experienced iGEM as a student myself in 2013 when I was a part of the Macquarie_Australia team, 'Green is the new Black'. While I happen to have worn this same shirt in my photo last year it is only one in my collection of nerd shirts."

(Mike Gibbs - Sydney, Australia)

Thi Huynh

Thi is a Scientific Officer with Macquarie University. She is excellent at sourcing consumables such as competent cells, GelRed, and LB broth - especially when we accidently contaminate all our stocks. Sorry Thi, we will try not to do it again.

(Thi Huynh - Sydney, Australia)
Amit Bhattacharjee

"iGEM alumni here! I was part of the Macquarie 2014 team, and I am back this year as an advisor. I graduated recently and mostly work from home, so I can always come and help out with the dry lab side of things. Fun fact: Breakfast food and F.R.I.E.N.D.S (the TV show) are two of my most favourite things in the planet."

(Amit Bhattacharjee - Sydney, Australia)

Robbie Hewetson

"After the phenomenal success of our team last year, I am back again as an advisor. I graduated at the start of the year, and I just began working as a Business Development Associate for an executive advisory firm. I love my fitness and music; you will always find me with headphones on while I am working!"

(Robbie Hewetson - Sydney, Australia)

Microorganisms of Macquarie iGEM

Burpey Hydrogen Hero

"The team refers to me as their Hydrogen Hero, aww shucks - I'm just an Escherichia coli trying to do my bit for the planet. What great weather today, lots of sunshine - my favourite. The colourful building behind me is our campus Library. This is a special building not only because it has robots, but because it has a green roof to capture rainwater!"

(Burpey Bacterium - Sydney, Australia)
Amit Bhattacharjee

Seen here enjoying the iconic lake of Macquarie University is the eukaryote Chlamy. This single-celled green alga has provided the genes for our chlorophyll and photosystem II pathways.

(Chlamydomonas reinhardtii - Sydney, Australia)