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We feel that collaboration within the scientific community is key for pushing forward beyond frontiers and catalysing innovation. Nothing exemplifies this more than the opensource nature of iGEM. As such, we enjoyed fully embracing the spirit of cooperation that the competition embodies. Click the logos above for more details.

TU Eindhoven

We collaborated with Eindhoven iGEM in the writing of a Cloning Guide, which is a useful tool for future iGEM teams to have an overview of all cloning techniques currently used in every lab around the world.


UCL iGEM 2015 is working on the development of probiotics and has looked into several pathways, such as the serotonin, Dopamine, GABA and Acetylcholine pathways. To help them, we introduced their pathways into our expression system in the form of a modeling collaboration. We simulated the expression of the different pathways and had some astonishing results. The incorporation of their pathways into our modeling system gave us valuable data of how the system needs to be changed to be capable of different pathways. Furthermore as UCL had already surpassed their limits from IDT, we helped them by ordering two gBlocks for them using our oligo card.


Norwich iGEM 2015 is working on the treatment of colon cancer and has different approaches. One is to introduce the butyrate pathway into probiotics. For the collaboration the butyrate pathway was incorporated into the iGEM Manchester-Graz expression system model to observe the expression of butyrate under the control of our system. We obtained useful data for Norwich and it helped us to understand further how the system is dealing with pathways that consist of several enzymes.

Paris Saclay

We took part in Paris Saclay iGEM 2015 survey about Bio Safety and got granted a Badge for our help.

iGEM Paris-Saclay Collaboration Survey Badge


Together with Warwick iGEM we planned and attended an outreach event at Newman College in Oldham. During several Skype conversations we designed lessons about studying science at university and Synthetic Biology which we then presented together.