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Christoph Schilling

Hello, my name is Christoph Schilling, I'm a biotechnology student from Graz Austria and participating in iGEM due to my love to Synthetic Biology.
Besides biotechnology I enjoy long walks on the beach. On the weekends I'm also doing visual artworks at various clubbing events. I like turtles.

Role: Vector design and development, methodology, lab work


Iaroslav Kosov

My name is Iaroslav Kosov, I'm a Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry Bachelors student. I am interested in biopharmaceutics, vaccine manufacturing and development and personal care chemistry.
In my freetime I swim, enjoy art history and cinema.

Role: Human practices, project planning, modeling


Martin Senekowitsch

Hello everyone! My name is Martin Senekowitsch, 24 years old biotechnology masters student from Graz. I am participating in iGEM because I love to get to know new people and work on exciting projects.
In my free time I enjoy traveling, dancing and playing with my cats.

Role: Wiki design and development, project funding, lab work, human practices


Magdalena Hannah Kurteu

I am a biomedical sciences student with a not so secret love for all things microbiology. Outside of the lab I spend most of my time cooking, playing and watching football or exploring the ever so familiar corridors of Hogwarts.

Role: Lab work, human practices, outreach, project funding & organisation


Kerstin Stadler

Hello! I'm Kerstin and I'm a biotechnology master's student from Graz. Since being student can sometimes become tough some varieties are desired! iGEM gives the opportunity to work on an self reliant project with international character for the first time since being student. I'm looking forward to participating! My spare time is mainly used to meet people and various outdoor activities.

Role: Project funding, project planning, lab work, human practices


Aaron Gretton

Hi, I am a Chemistry student with an interest in biological chemistry and the implementation of chemistry in a biological context. Outside of science I enjoy playing musical instruments as well as gaming and scuba diving.

Role: Human practices, modeling, project funding, editing


Peter Kusstatscher

Hi, I'm Peter Kusstatscher a 23 years old biotechnology master's student from Graz. Originally I come from Italy. I'm participating because I enjoy working on such project with people from all over the world. In my free time I like traveling, riding my bike or being lazy on the couch watching TV.

Role: Modeling, project planning, graphic design, lab work


Priyanshu Sinha

I am a Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering Student with a keen interest in Regenerative Medicine. Apart from this, I also have an interest in analytical chemistry and system as well as medicinal biology. Outside the academics, my interest lies in Cricket, Movies and TV shows.

Role: Project planning, lab work, modeling


Markus Hobisch

Hey there, my name is Markus Hobisch. I’m a 25 year old Biotechnology student from Graz partaking in the iGEM challenge 2015 to enjoy a summer of international research and to get some of that synthetic biology going.
Besides Biotech and SynBio I’m into mountain biking, nature and music.

Role: Lab work, project planning, human practices


Rachel Stirrup

I am a Biochemistry graduate with an interest in protein assembly, molecular evolution, and using biochemistry for environmental remediation. My interests include photography, Netflix, watching tennis, and hiking outdoors.

Role: Project planning, lab work, human practices


Melanie Ballach

Hello, my name is Melanie. I’m currently studying chemical and pharmaceutical engineering and I have finished the study molecular microbiology. It is very interesting for me doing research because I think it is possible to achieve a lasting improvement to the world and therefore iGEM offers a great starting opportunity. In my leisure time I like to do hiking, kart racing, traveling.

Role: Project planning, lab work


Maria Imran

I am a Genetics student and have an interest in the role of genetics in developmental processes. I am also interested in immunology and inheritance patterns of genetic diseases. In my free time I enjoy cooking, watching movies and painting.

Role: Project planning, modeling, lab work, human practices