We would like to thank...

  • Prof. Victor Sourjik and his group for their support and the opportunity to participate in the iGEM competition.
  • Dr. Gert Bange, Prof. Lars-Oliver Essen and Prof. Michael Bölker for their scientific support.
  • Dr. Hannes Link for providing his HPLC and helping us with the experiments and analysis.
  • Dr. Anja Paulick, Joana Lopes and Miriam Fischer for their help with experiments and proofreading of texts.
  • Dr. Judita Mascarenhas for kindly sharing the lab and our chaos with us.
  • Dr. Sean Murray for his help with microscopy.
  • Dr. Gundula Meißner for her help with administrative tasks.
  • Dr. Uwe Linne for his help with quantitative proteomics.
  • Daniel Kleinsorge (AG Heider, Philips-Universität Marburg) for helping us measuring the enzyme kinetics of ADHII.
  • Alexandra Hahn, Claudia Einloft, Martina Krauß, Silvia Gonzales Sierra, Inka Henseling and especially Melissa Kivoloka for their technical support.
  • Jochen Mogk for helping us with the synthesis of hydroxylapatite and the X-ray crystallography analysis.
  • David Kraus and Kimon Flosdorf for their support on computer science issues.
  • SYNMIKRO - The LOEWE center of synthetic biology and Prof. Bruno Eckhardt for their financial support.
  • the BLISTA for the great time during their visit.
  • the City of Marburg for financial support.

  • ... and especially our Advisors Anne, Max, Nico, Oliver, Daniel and Daniel for their helpful advise, their patience and for spending this exhausting but amazing time with us!

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