Team:Michigan Software

Michigan Software 2015

Experimental reproducibility is hindered by current protocols. So we fixed it!


ProtoCat 2.0 is a free, open-source online catalog of laboratory protocols with improvements upon last year’s project including a larger protocol database and a website with more advanced features. By using ProtoCat 2.0, users can find tested, reliable protocols from across the globe all in one place.


In order to create the most helpful, effective protocol catalog possible, we created a survey asking other labs and other iGEM teams what struggles they have had with using protocols in the past, how ProtoCat 2.0 could address these problems, and what they would like to see in ProtoCat 2.0.


Here you can find an installation guide, the user guide, and documentation for Protocat 2.0.


Here you can find more information about the members of our iGEM team including their academic interests, hobbies, and other interesting facts.