Team:Michigan Software/Installation

Michigan Software 2015


You can download our project from our github or download the wiki freeze version here. We highly recommend downloading from GitHub, as it will be a more recent, and as a result better, version.

Pre-installations for Protocat

Python and Pip

  1. Run the Python 3.4.3 installer from here
  2. Make sure Add Python to PATH is enabled
  3. Newer releases of Python come with Pip pre-installed


  1. Open Command Prompt(Windows) or Terminal (Mac)
  2. Use "pip install django" to install the main Django packages
  3. Other necessary installations
    • Type "pip install django-nose" into the prompt
    • Type "pip install coverage" into the prompt
    • Type "pip install django-contrib-comments" into the prompt
    • Type "pip install pytz" into the prompt
    • Type "pip install docutils" into the prompt


  1. Install Github from here
  2. Be sure to select your operating system for the download
  3. Make sure Github has access to PATH

Running Protocat

  1. Copy the SSH URL from
  2. Inside Command Prompt or Terminal, cd into the directory you want the Michigan15 source file to be in
  3. Type "git clone [the SSH URL]" into the terminal
  4. cd Michigan15/mibiosoft
  5. To run, use "python runserver" and type the server address into your web browser
  6. Enjoy using Protocat 2.0!