Team:NAIT Edmonton/Collaborations

Team NAIT 2015


Sharing and collaboration are core values of iGEM. "Two heads are better than one" is a saying that can even apply to a new, advancing science like synthetic biology. Team NAIT is proud to say that we have collaborated with multiple teams both locally and around the world.

Are peptide aptamers the new black? An alternative to antibodies. Our team completed SDU's survey on a new possibility and option to replace animal research.

Our team did a survey on BioBrick parts and integration into our project.

This summer, we collaborated with Amoy University in China by providing an article on Synthetic Biology in Canada. The newsletter in which our article was published was distributed around the world via social media. Many different teams read and contributed to this newsletter and as a whole, the science of synthetic biology gained exposure to the general public.

Additionally, our team helped Team Amoy China with editing and proof-reading some of their presentation and poster scripts as well as some of the content on their Wiki.

Over the summer, iGEM Stockholm invited our team to take a survey about Wiki results and transparency in the iGEM competition. This survey aims to investigate the experience teams in 2015 have had with reading older wikis.

Our team completed Tianjin University's survey on our institutions participation in the iGEM competition.

Our team completed a brief Survey on bacterial transformations for Team Stanford-Brown.

Through Paris_Bettencourt's iGEM Rhizi website, Team NAIT connected to teams around the globe who had similar keywords in their projects. Interestingly enough, not many people are working on a project like ours! Paris_Bettencourt also wrote to us on how they designed the iGEM Rhizi interface for collaborations.

In July, Team Aix-Marseille sent out a survey for iGEM teams to distribute locally on the streets. We are happy to have helped Team Aix-Maseille Université by collecting information on chewing gum, GMOs and patents on life in North America. We interviewed and surveyed over 30 people in our area thus earning ourselves a gold medal for contribution from our fellow iGEM team.

Teams that Collaborated With Us

As this is the first time our institution has participated in the iGEM competition, we decided to make a guidebook for future iGEM teams. We reached out to many other teams, particularly in our New Application track, and asked them to enlighten us on some of the hardships they faced throughout this year's competition. With their help, we created our iGEM survival guide for our policies and practices. We hope that our guidebook will be useful for future teams.

A special thanks to Team Lethbridge for helping us through our first competition through collaborative workshops in Calgary and Lethbridge!