Team:NAIT Edmonton/Protocols

Team NAIT 2015

Experimental Design

Go through our interactive experimental design flow chart! Many of our protocols are manufacturer specicfied; however, some are customized by us! Click on the flow chart boxes if the hand cursor appears to read more about our customized protocols.

A PDF of all our protocols can also be found here.

Theorizing our Sequences
Literature has shown certain proteins inherently stain in colour.
Looked up characteristics of said proteins
Isolated and identified the unique characteristics of said proteins so that we can manually write our own sequences and generate custom proteins.
Writing our Sequences
Went down to base pair level and wrote out our sequences with the defining characteristics identified in literature.
Digestion and Ligation
Transforming Bacteria
Validating the Transformation
Protein Isolation and Purification
SDS PAGE and Silver Staining