Team:NTNU Trondheim/Attributions

First of all, we want to thank Eivind Almaas, Rahmi Lale and Martin F. Hohmann-Marriott for the supervision of our project and that they gave us the chance to participate in this great competition. Your help and advice is so valuable.

Team NTNU Trondheim is responsible for all the work done during this project:

  • Design of Devices: Julia Anna Adrian, Madina Akan
  • Cloning of Devices into P. putida: Julia Anna Adrian, Madina Akan
  • Plate reader experiments: Julia Anna Adrian, Madina Akan
  • Flow cytometer experiments: Julia Anna Adrian
  • Analysis and processing of experimental data: Julia Anna Adrian (Plate reader, flow cytometry), Youssef Chahibi (Confocal microscopy)
  • Cell encapsulation: Typhaine Le Doujet, Marit Vaagen Røe
  • Confocal microscopy: Marit Vaagen Røe
  • Photography: Marit Vaagen Røe
  • Graphic design: Youssef Chahibi, Marit Vaagen Røe

Team NTNU Trondheim would like to thank Berit L. Strand for showing us how to make alginate capsules (and lending us the electrostatic capsule generator), Astrid Bjørkøy for her helpful advice on confocal microscopy, Nina Bjørk Arnfinnsdottir and Armend G. Håti for inspiring discussions about cell encapsulation, Wenche I. Strand for always being helpful when we visited the biopolymer labs, Hege Brandsegg, for the kind introduction to the use of the flow cytometer, Ove Øyås for his return on experience, code sharing, and knowledge transfer related the iGEM Matchmaker, and Pr. Ilangko Balasingham for his support and advice on systems engineering and bio-image processing.

We thank New England Biolabs and IDT for their services.

Last but not least, the team would like to thank our main sponsor - NTNU!