Warwick iGEM

We mini prepped and PCR’d part BBa_K314110 and sent it to the Warwick iGEM team after they had used up their own supply of the part from the iGEM kit plate. We were not using the part ourselves, so it was an ideal match.

Warwick's wiki

iGEM Bordeaux

Team Bordeaux, having used synthetic biology to make curdlan for the purposes of protecting vinyards against Downy Mildew, wished to test how their curdlan would impact the environmental bacterial ecosystem when administered. As we had access to Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Pseudomonas putida, both bacterial species that can be found in the environment, we assisted Team Bordeaux in conducting toxicity assays against said bacteria using curdlan samples which they sent to us.

The work for this collaboration was conducted by our resident lab guru Leon, and his data and report can be found here.

National Chiau Tung University Formosa and National Taiwan University

Team member Lychee went to Taiwan to spend some time helping NCTU_Formosa in the lab by running a colonies PCR and gels, and by assisting with translation/improving the quality of English on their wiki.

He also visited iGEM NTU in their lab and gave them human practices advice based on some of own outreach ideas: school talks etcetera.

NCTU_Formosa's wiki

iGEM NTU's wiki

ITB Indonesia

We distributed and collected responses for their project questionnaire as part of their human practices.

ITB Indonesia's wiki

Trinity College Dublin

They have helped our outreach and media reach a wider audience through the creation of iGEM Academy: a youtube channel intended as a central hub for past, present, and future iGEM teams to share their videos.

Trinity College Dublin's wiki

The youtube channel has a lot of interesting videos, check it out here.


They hosted us in London and filmed us interviewing the public on the shared issues surrounding our projects - since both of our teams initially planned to work with free-living engineered bacteria inside people. We had productive discussions of these aspects of our projects and this helped us refine our ideas going forward.

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Westminster University

Collaboration, sharing and community are core values of iGEM and we would like to give our thanks to Team Westminster for arranging a highly enjoyable and memorable meetup in London between UK iGEM teams. We had a fantastic time meeting other iGEMers there and we all gained a lot from having the opportunity to bounce ideas off eachother about our projects.

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