Team:Paris Saclay/Notebook/July/7

Tuesday 7th July


Verification of our plasmids

by Coralie, Johan, Seong Koo, Audrey, Pauline

Biobricks verification

  • K115017
  • C0040
  • I13602
  • J23101
  • J23117
  • J23106
  • I13504


With the Nucleospin Kit from Macherey Nagel

Digestion by NotI

Stock solution preparation :

  • 124µL H2O
  • 16µL buffer FastDigest 10x
  • 4µL NotI

We use 18µL from this solution with 2µL plasmid solution

Incubation 1h30 at 37°C


by Johan, Audrey, Pauline

Preparation of Agarose Gel 1%, 0,5g in 50mL of 1X TAE, 0,5uL of BET Migration 0,06A 80V

ParisSaclay 070715-digestion vérif plasmides.jpg

Verification, from left to right, 1. DNA Ladder, 2. BBa_J23117, 3. BBa_J23101, 4. BBa_I13602, 5. BBa_I13504, 6. BBa_K115017, 7. BBa_C0040, 8. BBa_J23106, 9. Indicator, 10. Empty, 11. Empty, 12. Empty

New culture

by Pauline, Audrey

New liquid culture of:

  • K1493504

2x 5ml LB + 10μl Chloramphenicol + 1 bacterial colony. We incubate cultures at 37°C, ON.

Members present:

  • Instructors and advisors: Alice.
  • Students: Johan, Seong Koo, Audrey, Coralie, Pauline

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