Judging Criteria

Why we deserve gold medal.

Judging Criteria

We are very proud of the many achievements we have made in this summer. Here is a compilation of our feats!

1. We successfully designed and constructed a paired dCas9 reporter (PC Reporter) that can convert specific sequence information into light signal; the detailed characterization showed that it was effective for real TB nucleic acid diagnosis. (For more details, click here)

2. We submitted 21 high-quality and well-characterized Standard Biobricks, including a set of paired dCas9 reporter collection. (For more details, click here)

3. We successfully designed an MTB multi-marker array to deal with challenges from clinical practices, such as strain mutations, sample variations, and other uncontrollable environmental factors. (For more details, click here)

4. A portable and affordable Ultra-Sensitive Bioluminescence Detector (USB Detector) was built for convenient detection of light read-outs. (For more details, click here)

5. We invented one new isothermal amplification method to expand existing isothermal PCR methods. (For more details, click here)

6. We visited doctors and experts from the research institute for TB control and local hospitals to learn the situation of TB and their demands for TB detection. After finishing main work, we presented them with our achievements and got their feedback. (For more details, click here)

7. We did an ethics discussion and finished an economic report about future TB detection. We enhanced the public education about TB and synthetic biology by doing survey, distributing brochures and giving lectures. (For more details, click here)

8. We helped and collaborated with 5 other iGEM teams by guiding new teams, discussing about project design and technical skills and sharing DNA materials. (For more details, click here)

9. We successfully hold CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer Committee). It's a large-scale competition-free jamboree for 34 teams, providing participants with an opportunity for meaningful exchanges in ideas and problem solving. (For more details, click here)

Therefore, we believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.